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Leadership and management development

We recognise that colleagues lead and manage in many ways at Oxford. Perhaps you manage or lead a team? Maybe you have very few or no direct reports, but are responsible for delivering complex projects or programmes or are a thought leader in your field?
Whatever your role, you may find it helpful to consider this leadership framework, which describes the kinds of leadership activities and behaviours that colleagues across the University, in all roles, say are vital to success. 


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Course Who is it for?
The Confident Manager  People Managers at all stages in their career and from any part of the University.   

Team Leader/Supervisor Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship

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I am:

managing my first team (likely to be grade 5 or 6).
an employee of the University, in post between 6 and 18 months
an employee of the University, in post for at least the next 15-18 months (and therefore in a position to complete the course)
able to commit to a minimum of ten days face to face training over a year and further on the job learning


Have you considered?


Course Who is it for?

University Induction Programme for Departmental Heads and Heads of House  

Face to face 8 short (2 hour) sessions

I am a new or incoming:

Head of an academic department or faculty 
Head of an administrative department 
Head of House 
Head of a sub-unit/large research institute 
Deputy head of an academic department or faculty in a role with significant reach and responsibility but no line management


Have you considered?




•    Using the leadership framework, try a self-assessment exercise and work out what you believe you do well and one thing you think you could improve
•    Ask a critical friend or colleague for their views to aid objectivity
•    Consider asking for a 360 review
•    Think about taking this information into your PDR for discussion with your reviewer

Have you considered?

•    A project management course
•    A management qualification in the Work, Learn, Develop scheme
•    Coaching or mentoring
•    Developing Myself toolkit
•    Developing Others toolkit
•    PDR
•    Self directed learning on Molly.com
•    Course listing
•    Support for researchers