Leadership Framework

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What is a leadership framework and how can you use it?

Most universities and research organisations have leadership frameworks. A leadership framework describes the skills and behaviours that are generally regarded as important in that organisation.

The leadership framework shares the skills and behaviours that many colleagues across Oxford say are of value here and has been developed with input from across the University.

What are the framework learning activities and how can you use them?

To support your development planning as a manager and bring the framework to life, you can work through our new interactive learning activities mapped to each element of the framework.

We suggest you start with the Diagnostic Tool to decide which elements are a priority for development.  If you prefer, you can browse the materials or go directly to the elements which interest you.

For each of the 18 elements, there are two learning activities to work through to support your development.  These are designed to encourage reflection, optimising opportunities for learning on the job.  The activities are aimed at people managers but are useful for for thinking about management and leadership more broadly and open to all staff.

After completing an exercise use this reflection exercise to enhance your learning. You may wish to complete this straight away, or at a later point after you have tried out new approaches etc.

We wish you all the best in your development journey!  Let us know how you get on. 


To help identify priority areas for development, download the checklist analysis of needs


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