Supporting your development

We have highlighted some resources below which will assist in broadening your knowledge, enhancing your skills and growing professionally whatever your career stage. 

People and Organisational Development

Within the POD website, there are a variety of resources available to staff to explore their professional development.

Below are a few we would like to highlight;


PDR Review process

To make the most of the opportunities and support available we encourage you to have career planning discussions with your line manager. You can prepare for these discussions using the following resource.

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring support can offer many benefits (to both parties) at any career stage. There are a number of schemes available including the new Professional Services Mentoring scheme pilot. Find out more via the following links:

Work Learn Develop

Apprenticeship-based training is available for existing members of University staff providing fully funded professional training and development opportunities.

See further information on apprenticeships for existing employees.

IT Learning Centre

The IT Learning centre offer a wide range of courses including self-service learning through Molly, LinkedIn learning and the IT Learning portfolio. 

Further information on the courses can be found on the IT Learning Centre website.

Oxford University Career Service

Career Weaver is a  web-based app developed by the Careers Service to help you identify and articulate your strongest work preferences, motivations, skills and strengths.

Further information on Career Weaver can be found on the Career Service website.

Equality and Diversity unit

The University provides Equality and Diversity training for all staff.

Further information on what courses are available can be found on the Equality and Diversity website.

Other training and development providers

A list of additional training and development providers is available on the staff gateway. Staff training and development